Geronimo Farms trees are produced in a wide range of trees styles. Some feature short single trunks and a thick crown (a standard tree style), some trees feature a multi trunk with a unique character of their own and some trees are pruned into a topiary style. Geronimo Farms trees feature large bracts and bright colors due to the specialized care given to their growth and development.


Geronimo Farms bushes set the standard for high quality Bougainvillea bushes. The quality and selection of Geronimo Farms Bougainvillea are second to none. With about half a million plants in various stages of production at any time, you can rest assured that your order will be filled promptly and with ease from a vast selection of bougainvilla plants.


A Bougainvillea Trellis system from Geronimo Farms makes a statement like no other. Putting together a trellis system with Geronimo Farms bougainvilla is the smart thing to do. Starting with high quality plants gives you the confidence that you have a plant unmatched in it's quality.


Elizabeth Angus - Dark Purple
James Walker- Peach to Pink
Sundown - Orange
Mixed Variety - Various Colors
Barbara Karst - Red
California Gold - Yellow
New River - Purple
Variegated Varieties- Orange, Red, Blueberry
Imperial Thai Delite - Cream with Pink
Helen Johnson - Orange / Pink Dwarf
Ms. Alice - White
Silouette - Lavender